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Welcome to Caliva Cookie Company and the great tradition of Italian baking!

Eileen and Grandma Eva

Caliva Cookie Co. was born from a desire to share a family recipe with the world. For fifty years founder Eileen Caliva’s grandmother made delicious cookies for her family. The recipes were handed down to Eileen’s mother and then Eileen and she became eager to share the cookies with the world.  Once she completed her education and cooking classes in May 2020, Eileen decided to start a cookie company dedicated to preserving her grandmother’s recipes while creating additional unique and addictive flavors of the beloved treats.

Caliva Cookie products are all-natural and handmade in New York using exceptional high quality and local ingredients. I love sharing the joy and pleasure brought by high quality baking from my warm oven to you. I offer all natural and fresh baked goods and strive to find fresh new flavors and ideas everyday. 

My love of baking began early in life in my grandmother’s kitchen where I spent a lot of time with her growing up. My family thoroughly enjoyed baking Christmas cookies together and we’d bake trays of cookies for the neighbors, friends and family.  To this day, I spend hours baking and creating, cookies that are simply delicious and find baking to be incredibly therapeutic. I’m a serial entrepreneur and have created and ran a few other businesses in my life.  I’ve worked in the corporate world and between then and now,  I went back to school and graduated in May 2020 with a degree in Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. My motto is never stop dreaming, if you can dream you can make it happen.  


Eileen Caliva

Owner of Caliva Cookie Co.

It is my mission to provide the best quality ingredients in a product to your door. I remember growing up and baking and cooking everything from scratch and our family table was for warm family gatherings.  I hope to bring that same experience to you while dedicating each day to superior customer service, and ensure every experience exceeds the expectations of the last. 

Every product is prepared and baked from scratch with excellent quality ingredients; no fake additives, preservatives, mixtures. I am committed to strive for the best experience to my customers . 

I guarantee you will enjoy these tasty treats and hopefully come back for more!  If you have a question or want to learn more, please click on the Contact Us page.  Thanks for stopping in!

Come and enjoy ~ Connecting the World One Cookie at a time!  







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